Hello, I'm Tyron Noble and I am a graphic designer based in Cambridge, New Zealand.

I connect your customers to your business through creativity and effective design.

Who I've worked with.


Graphic design portfolio.

I have extensive experience working as a graphic designer with various small and large scale businesses in New Zealand as an inhouse and freelance freelance graphic designer. Working with such a wide range of businesses and people I have covered all types of print, web, video and social media projects. My design strengths are overall creative direction, working as a team and achieving the best result for the client.

Why you should choose me.

I do print and digital design.

I make your business stand out

I am fluent in the adobe creative suite

I create end-to-end project solutions

I’m a creative director and project manager

I am passionate about your success

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Tyron Noble 

Graphic designer.


+64 27 249 1001